Dredging update in Gloucester Docks

The second phase of the Canal & River Trust’s dredging programme at Gloucester Docks has come to an end. Dredging continued for a brief period beyond the previously planned end date of 9th June with 9,000m3 of silt having now been removed.

The Trust has been closely monitoring environmental conditions throughout the work to ensure there will be no harm caused as a consequence of dredging to the aquatic life in the Docks. The end of the current phase coincides with the current high temperatures, which have increased the temperature of the water which leads to dissolved oxygen levels which are important for fish welfare.

At the end of the second phase, further progress has been made on the finger pontoons, Llanthony moorings and entrance to Victoria Basin. The Gloucester Lock chamber has also been dredged

Improvements to depths will continue in these areas with preparations already underway for when the next phase of dredging gets underway in September.

The continued advice for boaters wishing to moor in the Docks is to speak to Trust operatives, the Llanthony Bridge operator and Gloucester Lock lockkeeper on where is best to moor.

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