General Estate Rules & Useful Information

ASH Chartered Surveyors (ASH) have been appointed by Gloucester Docks Estates Company Limited and Gloucester City Council to manage the external common parts of the Gloucester Docks Estate.

These rules and regulations should be read in conjunction with any lease in respect of an occupied unit. ASH may from time to time make alterations to these regulations for the safe and efficient running of Gloucester Docks.


On Site Security Contacts  

Security Control Room, 3 Albion Cottages, Gloucester Docks, 24 hours a day 7 days a week m: 07731 470403 or

The service is provided by C&S Security Limited.

Patrols are carried out 24 hours a day 7 days a week with guards patrolling the estate at all times.  Patrols are monitored using an electronic log in patrol system and their location can be tracked at all times. CCTV is monitored as part of this service from the security control room in 3 Albion Cottages and all officers have a bodycam.


Refuse Disposal

All public bins are emptied at regular intervals throughout the day which is of course removed from site by way of a commercial waste disposal company. All tenants of the estate are responsible for their own waste disposal and bin storage. Waste disposal vehicles should not at any time cause disruption to any residential or commercial tenants.  Waste should not be deposited on the Quayside or any other common areas.


General Rules



      • To only have deliveries after 7am each morning and before 11pm each evening so as not to cause disruption to residents. This includes but is not limited to refuse collections.
      • During major events delivery schedules and strict times may be enforced and must be adhered to for the safety of all residents and members of the public.
      • Delivery drivers seen to be causing a nuisance or damage to person or property will be asked to leave immediately and their details kept on record and may not be allowed back on to site. Reimbursement from the person responsible for any damages incurred may also be sought.


Repairs responsibilities

      • To keep each premises in good and substantial repair and condition.
      • To keep the premises clean and tidy and to clean the outside of any shop front and clean the inside of the windows as often as reasonably necessary.
      • Where outside seating licences have been granted, tables and chairs must be removed from the area every evening with the area in question cordoned off during trading hours. The area must also be kept clean and tidy of litter and debris at all times.
      • Where a board licence has been granted these must be in a clean and tidy condition and removed from site every evening and must be in good repair and in a safe position as outlined in each licence.
      • External seating is provided on the Estate for those that have completed the appropriate licence agreements.
      • No furniture is permitted outside of the agreed areas as outlined in the plans attached to each licence.
      • Temporary balustrading is permitted, with unit branding permitted.



      • Occupiers should use spaces provided where applicable and not park on the common parts of the Estate.
      • All residents, businesses, occupiers and boat owners may load/unload for a period of 30 minutes to relieve their vehicles of heavy items. If longer is required then this must be agreed in advance with the Managing Agents and for the purpose of loading/unloading not to park for visiting apartments.
      • No returns within 2 hours unless booked in advance.
      • Parking Enforcement is operational on the Estate through the use of automated number plate recognition (ANPR) and manual patrols.



      • The feeding of Birds is prohibited on Gloucester Docks.
      • Skateboarding, stunt cycling or any other activity that cause damage or harm to person or property is strictly prohibited on the Estate. Passing through on Skateboard, Scooters or Bicycles in an orderly manner will be tolerated as long as no nuisance is caused. Security will ask any person not complying with this to cease the activity in question or leave site immediately. Significant transgressions may lead to a ban from the estate.
      • There is to be no alcohol or drugs consumed on the Docks. Any persons found to be abusing this rule will be asked to dispose of it immediately and leave site. The consumption of alcohol for events Is agreed in advance with the responsibility of managing this falling to the event organiser to obtain the necessary licences required.
        • Occupiers and users of the Estate are asked to co-operate fully with on site management and security personnel, to ensure a smooth and safe operation of the estate for the benefit of all
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