Gloucester Half Marathon Sunday 31st March 2024


You will no doubt be aware that the above event is taking place through Gloucester City on the morning of 31 March 2024. Whilst the event does not enter the Docks Estate, please be aware that there will be temporary road closures in place throughout the city. Full details of those and a route plan can be found on the event organisers website at:

Primarily these closures will affect the Estate on Southgate Street and Llanthony Road between 08:30 and 12:30 on the day. The race starts in Gloucester Park at 09:00 so the bulk of the runners will be passing along Southgate Street shortly afterwards. Thereafter the runners will return on their way back into the city, but perhaps in much less dense numbers.

As with similar events previously undertaken in the City, we have been assured by the event organisers that residents and business users will still be allowed safe access during the event. Again as before you will be escorted to the estate by Marshalls acting on behalf of the event organisers. They have advised that of course there may be short delays whilst they wait for any large groups of runners who are passing by, to clear the area.

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