International Strongman Event

International Strongman Event Saturday 12th August 2023 (Orchard Square)

PEEL LLP (Gloucester Quays) will be hosting one final International Strongman event on Saturday 12th August 2023 in Orchard Square at Gloucester Docks

Watch incredible feats of strength and endurance on Orchard Square where Gloucester Quays (PEEL) we will be hosting the Strongman Champions League. Operational hours from 12.00noon until 18:00  and gates will open from 9.30am.

This event is ticket only. There will music and supporting items carrying on until 18:00 on the day itself. During the event and build up, access to Orchard Square will potentially be restricted for the duration of the event

The Quays security, stewarding and cleaning teams will be on site during the event, including overnight security on Friday and Saturday nights.

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