National Strongman 17th & 18th June, Saturday 12th August 2023

Gloucester Quays will be hosting two further National Strongman events between 12 noon and 6pm on the 17th & 18th June and 12th August.

The building of the event will take place on Friday 16th June and Friday 11th August in Orchard Square.

The majority of the event clean-up will take place on Sunday after the events, finishing no later than 7pm. Any remaining features will be removed the following Monday.

Access to the lower part of Orchard Square will be restricted during the event although Wetherspoons and the Waterways Museum will be accessible via the top part of Orchard Square and the steps and ramp from Llanthony Road, and the waterside tow path will be maintained.

The walkway between Orchard Square and the caf├ęs and hairdresser opposite will also remain clear and unobstructed.

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