Southgate Street Entrance ANPR

Gloucester Docks is a primarily pedestrianised, with limited vehicle access reserved for occupiers and users who require reasonable access for loading / unloading to their premises. To preserve this and in an effort to assist with safe traffic management on site, Gloucester Docks Estate Management Company (GDECL) will be moving the location of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera from its current position on the corner of the Estate Office, 3 Albion Cottage to the entrance on Southgate Street (A4301).

All vehicles that enter the site will have their number plates recorded and this will start a 30-minute grace period for loading and unloading. Any specific requests for additional time will need to be sent to in line with the parking regulations stipulated on All parking requests will be reviewed and approved on individual basis and applicants should not assume that access will be approved and available at the requested time until formal consent is given.

Gloucester Docks is a private estate and the GDECL Board of Directors reserve the right to ban any vehicles from the dockland estate which are found to not comply with these regulations and or requirements.

Where access requests are not approved the 30-minute grace period will apply and tickets will be issued by the mobile patrols and or the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras as required.

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