Update from ASH Chartered Surveyors

Further to Jayne Wilsdon’s email of the 24th April 2022 ASH are pleased to now be on the ground trying to make a difference on the estate and thought it appropriate to let you know of a few recent developments that are now starting to reflect well on the estate as a whole. ASH and their team have been on site quite a lot recently and have met some of the residents and are looking forward to meeting more of you as time moves on.

You will have no doubt seen that the new guarding company (C&S Security) on and around the site, especially in their new high visibility GDECL branded uniforms. They are settling in well at No3 Albion Cottages, which is ideally placed for them to offer assistance to all on site and react quickly to incidents. Their systems are now in the main part transferred from the previous managing agents team and over the coming weeks, new systems will come on stream enhancing their efficiency and efficacy. You will be pleased to note that Colin, Sharon, Andy and the team have already been able to come to the aid of a number of users of the estate and indeed on one occasion offered much needed and appreciated first aid to a Police Officer who was injured in the line of duty whilst dealing with an incident on site.

The Dragon Boat Regatta went reasonably well, with only one of two minor incidents that we are already reviewing, with a view to learning from and making improvements for future events. Added to this, the event has allowed a local charity (Rotary Club of Gloucester Severn) to again raise much needed funds to support their good works. ASH has also just met with the event managers for the upcoming Tall Ships Festival (3rd June 2022 to 5th June 2022) who were in the process of hand delivering their briefing letter and plan to all residents and users on site. A further news update with a copy of their briefing letter will be added for those who may not have received it. More news will follow on other events as they arise.

As a small aside, we are pleased to let everyone know (and some may have seen) that the jet washer has been resurrected and is now back in commission, so you will start to see it on site more often, making improvements where needed. As you can see from the photo below, it has already had a huge impact on the “CPS steps” at the city end of the estate.

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