Men’s Tour of Britain – Friday 9th September

The Men’s Tour of Britain will be finishing on the roads alongside the Docks on the above date. Due to this, access to the estate will be across Llanthony Bridge (please see attached plan), where traffic lights will be placed to manage the flow of traffic. To confirm the ANPR camera will be off for the duration of the road closure.

  • During the periods noted in their letter (from midnight 9th September), access will NOT be denied to any resident, business or essential users on the Docks estate
  • There will be “gate staff” that if approached, and you let them know why you need to access, they will make arrangements for you to safely access your premises
  • You may have to wait until it is safe to do so, but you WILL be escorted safely to your home or business

There will be a number of exhibitors and supporting entertainment set up in Mariners Square from early in the day on 9th, all of which are related to cycling. We are advised they will arrive on site in the morning and will be gone, to follow the tour to their next destination, by mid to late afternoon.

Further details on all of the road closures relating to this event, can be found on:

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